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Cross Dock

Linked21 has an extensive knowledge in cross-docking. We will handle your goods in the most efficient and professional manner.

Freight Re Stacking

Protecting our client’s freight is of our most importance, we will properly re-stack your load with a secure fit thus reducing shifting while in transit, Linked21 will take this off-load from you.


We, at Linked21 are committed to providing the best service possible. In an effort to help your business, we are now offering transloading services, but not limited to consolidation/desconsolidation and pick and delivery services from West to East Coast; NY, NJ, PA, OH, MD just to mention a few.  We are working directly, with shippers and partner carriers


Need to re-configure your damaged or refused loads? Call Linked21 we are here for you!

Storage Freight by day

Linked21 offers daily, weekly, and monthly freight storage at very affordable prices. We will go above and beyond to accommodate our client´s needs.


Fast, trustworthy, and affordable prices 

Need help with freight delivery or overweight assistance?

Linked 21 is now offering delivery services at very affordable prices within Southern and Northern California. Excellent service for your peace of mind. 

About Us

We are a family-owned company providing the best cross-docking services in the Inland Empire.
With over 15 years in the trucking industry, we understand the need to meet delivery deadlines in a
timely manner.

We inherited the same work ethics and experience from our family that have been working in this
industry since 1986. We are striving to succeed and keep the values that our parents entrusted us with.

It has been through this work and personal experiences that we have come to understand the trucker’s needs.
They are faced not only with long hauling hours, unwelcomed road drivers, damaged goods and most of all,
delivery deadlines.

At Linked21, we do not turn any driver away! We understand the liability amounts on freight claims can be
high. Here, we offer the ability to repackage and protect your damaged goods.

Our ample facility and professional personnel, will help you reach said deadlines by providing the best and
smoothest Cross Docking and Delivery Service.

In addition, we are now offering 3PL Services, Palletizing, and Shrink Wrapping for your daily needs: Any size, any item,
from boxes to furniture and machinery.

24-hour video surveillance system, water sprinkler system and overall, these were handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

The trucking industry is a large part that fuels today’s economy.
We, at Linked21 are proud to be part of that! We believe that honesty and transparency are two major factors in running a business.

We welcome you to our facilities, where you will be treated not as a customer but as a family member by our friendly staff!

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